Clean Sex Soap Information:
Clean sex soap is a new innovative product designed to stimulate more enjoyment and passion in your relationship.The soap is a tool to open up lines of communication between couples to share with each other what they like and what they don’t like in their intimacy.

It’s not about the blue pill, how long it’s going to last, or the size of the penis or the breasts, it’s about the love and passion of the relationship. Clean Sex Soap increases your sexual and emotional comfort and helps closeness create in your relationship.
The Recipe for Great Relationships!
Emotional Support
Emotional Intimacy
Psychological Intimacy
Physical and Sexual Intimacy
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Getting In Touch With Your Body And Your Partner’s Body

Maybe you’ve lost contact with your body somewhere along the way. Getting that connection back is very important.

Maybe you’ve had a baby, gained weight or just put other priorities ahead of your physical self. For so long, you’ve kind of lost touch. Clean Sex Soap can help you open up that line of communication and get you back in the mood.

The Anatomy of the Penis
When it comes to communicating with your partner, let him know that you want to go over how his penis works so that you can better please him in bed. Parts of the Male Anatomy and its functions:

Parts of the Penis:

The Head or Glans

The Urethra

The Shaft

The Frenulum

Including the Rectum and the Prostate


Head or Glans -- the mushroom shaped top of the penis.

Urethra -- the tiny slit at the top from which he urinates and ejaculates.

Shaft --the length of the penis.

Frenulum --the small piece of skin where the head meets the shaft

Prostate — A gland about the size of a walnut located just below the bladder. Its secretion is a milky fluid that is discharged into the urethra at the time of the ejaculation of semen.

Your partner may or may not have foreskin or loose skin which covers the head of the penis. If he had been circumcised, he would not have as much.

The Anatomy of the Breast
When it comes to the breasts, most women and a lot of men experience that the breasts are highly erotic area playing a key role in the initial phases of foreplay before THE BIG O.
Breast profile:
A ducts
B lobules
C dilated section of duct to hold milk
D nipple
E fat
F pectoralis major muscle
G chest wall/rib cage
A normal duct cells
B basement membrane
C lumen(center of duct)


Sexually Speaking…

Before trying anything, you want to ask your partner for their permission. You can try the following:

Gently Squeezing
And All The Rest.

Using your tongue, finger,whole hand, lips, and the head of your erected penis to stimulate the entire area of the breast. The nipple or areola(black or brown in color) are sensitive but so is the area underneath. Some women become very excited when the nipples are touched but stroking under neath will give them more stimulation.

In dealing with a woman’s breast, the sensitivity of the breast can be affected by the menstrual cycle and other factors related to her
Mood. If you ask questions, she will tell you for example to be gentler at a certain time during the menstrual cycle.

There are men who will experience the BIG O during intercourse from engaging in all of the above in many cases experiencing a BIGGER O than their female partner.

Some men’s nipples when stimulated can simultaneously stimulate their penis to have an instant erection. Bring your man to an instant erection by sucking on their nipples.

Just like when you go to a restaurant and the waiter asks how you want your eggs, it is the same with intimacy.

Remember, Passion, Passion, Passion will keep your mate happy and satisfied.

Sexually Speaking…

When it comes to the penis, it comes in all sizes, shapes, and various colors. Stimulation of the penis varies from male to male. The shaft of the penis is the least sensitive part. The head is the most sensitive part of the Penis because it has nerve endings that are close to the surface of the skin.

Touching the head of the penis will arouse your mate faster than the shaft. Keep this in mind when you are being passionate with your partner.

It is important to note that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate phases of intimacy that happen at different times.
Orgasm is the sensation of arousal and ejaculation is the release of the sperm.

The scrotum is the pouch of skin at the bottom of the penis that holds the balls. They have two functions: to produce sperm and to produce male hormones like testosterone. Some men like their scrotum licked, held,or gently massaged during sex. His anal region is also extremely sensitive but, again, some men like you to pay attention to it, some don’t.

The perineum is the area between the testes and the anus and has rich nerve endings responding to being stroked or licked.